You know those kids who were reading outside, kinda half-watching the soccer game everyone else was playing in at recess?

You probably do, if you weren’t one yourself. We’re those kids with a few extra decades of perspective.

What we are is a new voice in a world of a lot of stupid “takes” on culture. We are motivated to talk about the world around us and the stuff in it in a way that isn’t exploitative. We think people will read something just because it is worth reading.

We are not a list of the 17 most/best/least/wildest/craziest/kiddest anything. We are not exclamation marks. We are not clickbait.

We reject that you need to be angered or misled to read what another adult has to say. We embrace that you are a grown-up and you can decide based on a headline that’s actually what the thing is about whether you want to read something or not.

Stick around. We’re starting with music, television, movies, and the like. We’ll see where we go from there.

Love something? Hate something? Want to write something yourself? Let us hear it at readingatrecess @ gmail . com.

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