This Looks Terrible – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Alex Marino

Watch this shitty trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. This is a great example of a “phoning it in” film where all the stars are just doing it for the money. Chris Pine is just looking for a paycheck while he waits for the next Star Trek movie to start filming, Keira Knightley is praying to be cast in another film adaptation of a literary classic, and Kevin Costner still can’t figure out how to make another great baseball movie.

My favorite part about this trailer is the awful audio editing. The first two words are “Jack” and “Ryan” and it’s painfully obvious they are from two different scenes in the movie. It blows my mind that they couldn’t find an audio clip where those two words — the name of the fucking title character — were spoken consecutively. At first I thought it was just lazy but isn’t it actually more work to splice the audio together than to find the part in the movie where they speak his full name?

But the crown jewel of this trailer is its inability to match up the dialogue with what the characters are actually saying. While Kevin and Chris are on the bench and Pine says that “there’s gonna be a coordinated attack on U.S. soil” (which is also spliced audio) you can see during the closeup he’s saying exactly zero of those words. At 0:21 Costner says “secrets” but his mouth looks like he’s actually saying “five” which is probably an optimistic IMDB score for this shit tier movie. They’re not even trying at 0:17 when Pine sees Knightley in his hotel room. She’s supposed to be saying “say they are” but it looks more like “good job,” which coincidentally is the opposite of the quality of work the editors did on this trailer.

In all honesty this movie is going to be great for what it is: a garbage action thriller where Chris Pine has to kill Kevin Costner so he can morph into Smaug and eat Martin Freeman by next Christmas.

Image credit: IMDB

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