This Looks Terrible – Ride Along

Ride Along (2014)

Alex Marino

In “This Looks Terrible” we look at previews for upcoming movies. We… probably look too closely.

This poster kills me. Why the hell are Kevin Hart and Ice Cube looking at each others’ foreheads? Is this actually some sort of weird forehead fetish movie that’s being billed as an awful semi-buddy cop film? Maybe they want to make this movie seem like a waste of time so only the hardcore forehead-fetish enthusiasts see it?

This trailer has everything I look for in a “haha this person shouldn’t be doing this job!!!!” movie. Startle the skittish main character? Haha look at him overreact and dramatically break everything not bolted to the ground! Oh man Kevin Hart is about to fire a shotgun when he obviously doesn’t know how! And hehe look at him get catapulted backwards because he underestimated the kickback! Original! Lol Kevin Hart shot a guy when he didn’t mean to! Accidental gun violence is hilarious! And don’t forget to make tons of jokes in the face of mortal peril!

But movies like Ride Along are supposed to be stupid. You’re not going for awards when you have Ice Cube and Kevin Hart as your leads. But they’re perfect for these roles and if you aren’t sick of Kevin Hart yet (what is wrong with you?) you’re probably going to enjoy it. If I had to spend 100 minutes with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart I’d just rather watch this video with Conan 10 times.

Image credit: IMDB

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