Tuesday Morning

Alex Russell

Welcome to Tuesday Morning. In attempting to find something interesting to say about Tuesdays in general I stumbled across the Wiki for Tuesday Morning, that store that sells lamps your mom likes. The article is marked NPOV because it’s “written like an ad.” I don’t know, I’d say telling people that Tuesday Morning is a “no-frills environment” is just their way of saying “it’s dirty so we can pass the savings on to you.”

I’m not here just to rep T.M., though. Today we’ve got Scott Phillips with another installment of his “Conversations with my Future Son” series. Learn about Neon Deion if you’re Scott’s son from the future or if you’re someone else entirely. After that, I’ll be back to wrap up the first two weeks of this season of Archer. I never know in the daily update, do I still spell it out and call myself Alex Russell, even with a byline on this news post? It’s indecision like that that cost me my position as Community Manager for Tuesday Morning.

Image source: Wiki

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